A Branding Project - To design an interactive mobile application that helps people for checking the nutrition information in the shopping experience. 

Project Background
In recent years, an increasing of number of people are concerned about healthy. As is know to all, a lot of food packaging have nutrition information on it, but only few people know what each nutrient means, how much of it is good for the body or which elements are more harmful to the body? 
Think about how you could help someone to understand & analysis the nutrition labels.
Team : Kin, Amaya, Shen, Charlotte
Role : UX Design, Business Model
Tool : Axure, Adobe AI, Pen & Paper
tHE 5 WHYs​​​​​​​
The 5 Whys uses "counter-measures," rather than solutions. A counter-measure is an action or set of actions that seeks to prevent the problem arising again, while a solution may just seek to deal with the symptom. As such, counter-measures are more robust, and will more likely prevent the problem from recurring.

Current Task Flow
Designed with Axure

•  Tips & Suggestions
•  Customized diet
•  Product Comparison
CompetitIVE Analysis
Design Goal
People need a tool like this to help them understand what they're eating every day.
- help people analyze the nutrition facts and ingredients of food
- provide alternative diet options

Branding : Purée ICON
educational experience by decomposing any arduous terminologies into more palatable information. That is why we decided to borrow the name Purée as a symbol of our objective.
 We designed a set of items which matches with the theme of healthy. Also we imagined that if Purée can be partnered with some food brands for online ordering, subscription boxes or paper bags will be a channel for promotion.
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