Ultrababy Baby Clothes Washer
Innovative baby clothes washer by using ultrasonic technology. 
Team Members : Kin, Amaya, Victor
Role : Users & Market Researches, Interviews & Analysis, Mockup & Animation
Compared with the adult clothes, baby clothes are washed and changed more frequently. People prefer the small baby clothes hand washed because of the poor hygienic condition in the washing machines. They also worry about the chemicals can be harmful to babies health
Questionnaires & Interviews 
We set a online questionnaire with 12 basic questions about baby clothes laundry issues. Finally we received 76 valid questionnaires to provide us some insight for the design.For the in-depth interviews, we asked about their washing habits and the fears & expectations for the clothe washers.
From the survey and interview results, we found that baby clothes washing has different requirements from adult clothes washing. Neither hand wash nor traditional machine wash can fulfill all requirements because of the conditions, functions and hygienic issues. Therefore, we want to design a babycare washing machine which is more reliable than current washing methods.
We want to design a small size washer which is efficient to handle small volume of clothes. ALso, it will be using new technologies for better hygenic condition.
Ultrasonic Cavitation Effect
Technology Testing
We did a testing for the ultrasonic transducer and found that it works the best on flat surface area.
After analysing the factors that we obtained from the research and interviews, we had brainstorm and sketches to visualize related design solutions for each of the issues.
We built a foam model to visualize our idea and for size measurement. We thought the prototype was too big so we changed it to a smaller size in the design later.
Final Design
Ultrababy is more reliable than other washing methods. Because of the ultrasonic technology, we can make the washing process hygienic and chemical free. 
Product Details
Cylinder body design with touch screen buttons
Our small size washing machine allows parents to wash and dry baby clothes instantly which will prevent germinating bacteria of accumulated clothes. Installation of the washer is very easy, simply connect the water inlet to the faucet and water outlet to the kitechen sink.
Below are the Steps of using ultrababy
Load and hook up the dirty baby clothes into the washer
Transducers generate ultrasonic and cause bubbles, then the cavatation effect takes place to clean the baby clothes
Air will pass through the air inlet and heat up to dry the clothes
UV light can sterilize the washer and keep it clean


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